Syncom partnerships driving long term success

Syncom Now Part of West Penn Wire Team

Syncom Technologies is an IT communications manufacturer designing products specific to the systems integration market. Syncom is part of the West Penn Wire family. The brand is sold and managed by their team of industry professional that have been servicing the low voltage market for over 40 years.

All current West Penn Customers receive instant access to Syncom products. For information regarding local stocking distributors, please click "Where to Buy" in our menu options. 

Engenius Joins Syncom

In May of 2017 Syncom and Engenius Announced a cooperation to supply the most affordable cloud managed integrated WIFI systems to our network of customers. 

What makes Syncom Product Different?

StretchIT PoE - Pushing Data & Power 250 Meters

Our proprietary technology allows data and power to exceed the standard 100 meter limitations. We can reach 250 meters with no in-line repeaters or baluns required. Find out which products have this feature HERE.

LCD Display PoE Switches

The Intelligent Power Status Window found in many of our products gives instant vital information for each port. Information such as power consumption, power available, high temperature alerts appear directly on the front of the switch. 

80% of Syncom Products no Longer Have Fans

We don't like fans. They require maintenance, they are noisy, they break causing everything else to fail.  We have removed fans and replaced them with other forms of heat dispensation. The results are in: Products last longer, are more reliable and we hear absolutely noting.

Product Selection Tool

The easiest way to find the product to fit your needs

Design Your Network

Our Staff will provide network design support your next IP Camera or Phone Project

Channel Dedication

We do not sell direct to online resellers. Our products are to be installed professionally.

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