Why Does a Reboot Seem to Fix Everything?

Why Does a Reboot Seem to Fix Everything?

November 22, 2017

"Press and hold the power button 5 seconds...Unplug, wait 20 seconds and plug back in..." Almost like magic, the computer, IP camera, phone or router is working again. Now you have to answer some questions from your customer: "Why do I need to reboot? Is it broken? Will my warranty replace try broken camera and PoE switch?"

You try to answer with confusing technical terms and the answer feels more like you are explaining to  a child where babies come from. The easier way to answer is to tell them it's magic. 

45 years ago a group of engineers invented a universal symbol for the power button after discovering the benefits of turning things on and off. Syncom has taken this mysterious technology and focused on becoming the leading experts in the field of turning power off and on. 
PoE Boot Guard is Syncom's proprietary technology automatically power cycle individual PoE ports when IP Cameras becomes unresponsive or Freeze. The feature can be found on the Centrally Managed Cloud Series models. In 2018 Syncom will expand this feature to additional products. 
Feedback from our channel partners who have adopted this technology already is extremely positive. Their systems are more stable and their technicians have saved countless hours of troubleshooting and traveling to installation sites. 



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